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Aerospace Concentration

Updated March 20, 2014

About the Concentration

A student may specialize in Aerospace Engineering once a solid background in the fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering has been developed through the core Mechanical Engnieering or Engineering Mechanics courses. This Concentration develops and requires knowledge and background in several fields including advanced dynamics, flight mechanics, propulsion, aerospace materials and structures, signal processing, control systems, astrophysics and space systems.


Students pursuing the Aerospace Engineering Concentration are required to take at least five eligible courses, which count toward the requirements of the Mechanical Engineering electives and the Technical Electives in the general Mechanical Engineering program. A sixth course though not required is highly recommended.

Eligible Courses

These courses count toward the concentration, listed in anticipated order of their next offerings. It is the department's goal to offer enough courses in any rolling two-year period to allow students to achieve the concentration. Note, course offering semesters may vary due to instructor sabbaticals, curriculum changes, and unusual or unforseen circumstances.

FALL 2014 (confirmed)
- 530.424 Dynamics of Robots and Spacecraft
- 530.467 Thermal Design Issues for Aerospace Systems
- 171.321 Introduction to Space Science and Technology
- 270.318 Remote Sensing of the Environment

SPRING 2015 (anticipated)
- 530.444 Computer-Aided Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer
- 530.470 Space Vehicle Dynamics and Control

FALL 2015 (anticipated)
- 530.418 Aerospace Structures and Materials
- 530.425 Mechanics of Flight
- 171.321 Introduction to Space Science and Technology

SPRING 2016 (anticipated)
- 530.328 Fluid Mechanics II
- 530.432 Jet and Rocket Propulsion

Ineligble Courses Relevant to Aerospace

There are other courses relevant to aerospace studies, but they are not counted toward this concentration, such as:

171.118 Stars and the Universe
520.214 Signals and Systems
520.401 Basic Communications
525.445 Modern Navigation Systems

Internships in Aerospace Engineering

Students in the Aerospace Engineering Concentration are encouraged to participate in internships in organizations involved with aerospace engineering.

Opportunities within the university include the Applied Physics Laboratory (Satellites), the Center for Astrophysical Sciences (CAS) and the Space Telescope Science Institute (Hubble Space Telescope). In addition, local companies and institutions, such as Northrop Grumman (which is formally affiliated with the Mechanical Engineering department as an Industrial Partner), NASA Goddard, Lockheed Martin, Orbital Sciences and other private corporations offer excellent opportunities for internships.

Aerospace Faculty in the Mechanical Engineering Department