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Full-Time, Primary Faculty in Mechanical Engineering


Ishan Barman

Ishan Barman, Assistant Professor
Phone: (410) 516-0656
Email: ibarman@jhu.edu
103 Latrobe
Research Interests: Primary research interests lie at the interface of bioengineering, optics and spectroscopy, and are focused on developing integrative photonics solutions to complex problems in biological research and medical diagnosis. The long-term goal is the advancement of photonics methods (such as Raman, fluorescence and scattering spectroscopy) that can be readily applied at various stages of clinical diagnosis. Additionally, significant basic research using advanced chemical and morphological imaging is undertaken to address emerging questions on the etiology of critical diseases. The developed tools can be suitably extended to a number of other exciting applications including comprehensive characterization of biomolecules, investigation of pharmaceutical drugs and their interaction with biological systems, and rapid measurements in microfluidic platforms.


Greg Chirikjian

Gregory S. Chirikjian, Professor
(410) 516-7127
117 Hackerman Hall
Research Interests: Computational structural biology (in particular, computational mechanics of large proteins), conformational statistics of biological macromolecules, developed theory for 'hyper- redundant' (snakelike) robot motion planning, designs and builds hyper-redundant robotic manipulator arms, applied mathematics (applications of group theory in engineering), self-replicating robotic systems.


Noah Cowan

Noah Cowan, Associate Professor
(410) 516-5301
126 Hackerman Hall
Research Interests: Robot dynamics, animal biomechanics, and sensorimotor control; theory and application of control systems and system identification techniques for closed-loop systems (especially biological systems); biological motor control and systems neuromechanics; medical robotics.


Andrew Douglas

Andrew Douglas, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
(410) 516-6771
Wyman Hall, 4th floor
Research Interests: Nonlinear mechanics of solids, mechanical response of compliant biological tissues, finite deformation elasticity, Static and dynamic fracture of ductile materials.



Jaafar El-Awady

Jaafar El-Awady, Assistant Professor
(410) 516-6683
124 Latrobe Hall
Research Interests: Multiscale materials modeling, damage and fracture mechanisms of materials in mechanical design, material degradation in extreme environments, nano-materials and structures, impact dynamics and wave propagation.


Dennice Gayme

Dennice Gayme, Assistant Professor
(410) 516-5784
229 Latrobe Hall
Research Interests: Dynamics and control of nonlinear, networked and spatially distributed systems such as the electric power grid, and wind farms.  Modeling of turbulence and transition to turbulence in wall bounded shear flows and wind farms. Grid integration of renewable energy sources.


Kevin Hemker

Kevin Hemker, Professor
Alonzo G. Decker Chair in Mechanical Engineering
(410) 516-4489
101 Latrobe Hall
Research Interests: Professor Hemker and his students seek to identify the underlying atomic-scale processes that govern the mechanical behavior of advanced material systems. They are making key observations and discoveries that define the way the mechanics and materials community thinks about and understands the properties of:  nanocrystalline materials, MEMS and micro-lattice materials, thermal barrier coatings, armor ceramics, and high temperature structural materials. 


Cila Herman

Cila Herman, Professor
(410) 516-4467
102 Latrobe Hall
Research Interests: Experimental heat transfer and fluid mechanics, optical measurement techniques, image processing. Thermoacoustic refrigeration, influence of electric fields on boiling in terrestrial conditions and microgravity, heat exchangers, heat transfer in boiling, optical tomography, holographic interferometry, cooling of electronic equipment, digital image processing, heat transfer augmentation.


Joe Katz

Joseph Katz, William F. Ward Sr. Distinguished Professor
(410) 516-5470
219 Latrobe Hall
Research Interests: Cavitation phenomena, attached partial cavitation, cavitation in turbulent shear flows, jets and wakes. Multiphase flows: Interaction between bubbles and flow structure, mixing mechanisms and droplet formation in water-fuel stratified shear flows, transport of microscopic particles and droplets in turbulent flows. Development of optical flow diagnostics techniques, including Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) and Holographic Particle Image Velocimetry (HPIV). Applications of PIV and HPIV for measuring the characteristics of turbulence and addressing turbulence modeling issues. Complex flow structure and turbulence within turbomachines: Wake-wake and blade-wake interactions in multistage axial turbomachines, flow and rotating stall in centrifugal pumps, development of optical diagnostics techniques for measurements in turbomachines. Oceanography: Flow structure and turbulence in the bottom boundary layer of the coastal ocean; measurement of spatial distributions of plankton, particles and bubbles in the ocean; development of optical instrumentation, including submersible holography and PIV systems. Prevention of nozzle wear in abrasive water suspension jets (AWSJ) using porous lubricated nozzles. Flow-induced vibrations and noise, mechanisms of noise generation in turbulent separated flows and in turbomachines.


Marin Kobilarov

Marin Kobilarov, Assistant Professor
(410) 516-5903
117 Hackerman Hall
Research Interests: Developing intelligent robotic vehicles that can perceive, navigate, and accomplish challenging tasks in uncertain, dynamic, and highly constrained environments. Performing research in analytical and computational methods for mechanics, control, motion planning, and reasoning under uncertainty, and in the design and integration of novel mechanisms and embedded systems. Application areas include mobile robots, aerial vehicles, and nanosatellites.


David Kraemer
David Kraemer, Senior Lecturer
(410) 516-3386
128 Latrobe Hall
Research Interests: Fluid-structure interation; dynamic systems; ocean wave energy conversion, engineering pedagogy.


Steven Marra

Steven Marra, Senior Lecturer
(410) 516-0034
123 Latrobe Hall
Research Interests: Soft and hard tissue biomechanics, nonlinear mechanics of solids, mechanics of tissue damage.


Charles Meneveau

Charles Meneveau
Louis M. Sardella Professor in Mechanical Engineering

(410) 516-7802
127 Latrobe Hall
Research Interests: Theoretical, experimental, and numerical studies in turbulence, large-eddy-simulation, turbulence modeling, fractals and scaling in complex systems, small-scale structure of turbulence and velocity gradient dynamics, applications of LES to environmental flows,  wind energy, development of data-intensive science tools to study turbulence.


Rajat Mittal

Rajat Mittal, Professor
(410) 516-4069
126 Latrobe Hall
Research Interests: Computational fluid dynamics, Low Reynolds number aerodynamics, biomedical flows, active flow control, LES/DNS, Immersed Boundary Methods, fluid dynamics of locomotion (swimming and flying), biomimetics and bioinspired engineering, turbomachinery flows.


Vicky Nguyen

Thao (Vicky) Nguyen, Assistant Professor
(410) 516-4538
125 Latrobe Hall
Research Interests: Biomechanics: mechanical behavior, growth and remodeling of fibrous soft tissues. Constitutive Modeling: thermomechanics, viscoelasticity, viscoplasticity of shape memory polymers and polymer composites. Fracture Mechanics: fracture and failure of rate dependent materials.


Andrea Prosperetti

Andrea Prosperetti
Charles A. Miller, Jr. Distinguished Professor of Mechanical Engineering

(410) 516-8534
119 Latrobe Hall
Research Interests: Multiphase flow; theoretical and computational fluid mechanics and acoustics; gas and vapor bubbles



K. T. Ramesh

Kaliat T. Ramesh, Professor
Alonzo G. Decker Jr. Professor of Science and Engineering
(410) 516-7735
122 Latrobe Hall
Research Interests: Nanomaterials, planetary impact, dynamic failure mechanisms, shock, impact, and wave propagation, high-strain-rate behavior of materials, injury biomechanics, constitutive and failure modeling.


Nathan Scott

Nathan Scott, Senior Lecturer
(410) 516-5646
Wyman Park Building, Room G05A
Research Interests: Principles and practice of engineering design education.



William Sharpe

William Sharpe, Jr., Professor Emeritus
Research Interests: Experimental solid mechanics, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), microsample testing.



Sean Sun

Sean Sun, Associate Professor and Vice Chair
(410) 516-4003
105 Latrobe Hall
Research Interests: Mechanobiology of the cell, molecular biomechanics and biophysics, molecular motors and muscle, statistical mechanics and nonlinear phenomena.



Jeff Wang

Tza-Huei (Jeff) Wang, Professor
(410) 516-7086
108 Latrobe Hall
Research Interests: BioMEMS and microfluidics, single molecule manipulation and detection, nano/micro scale fabrication, conformational dynamics of biomolecules.



Louis Whitcomb, Professor and Department Chair
(410) 516-5970
223 Latrobe Hall
Research Interests: Control Systems: Adaptive and model-based control of linear and nonlinear systems, observers, nonlinear systems analysis, with focus on problems arising in mechanical systems, robots, and robotic vehicles. Underwater Robotics: Dynamics, control, instrumentation, and navigation of underwater vehicles and inhabited submersibles – with focus on deep submergence oceanographic vehicles. Industrial and Medical Robotics: Dynamics, control, instrumentation, and operation of precision robotics for novel medical and industrial applications.


Tamer Zaki

Tamer Zaki, Associate Professor
(410) 516-6599

118 Latrobe Hall
Research Interests: Transitional and turbulent shear flows: linear and non-linear instability waves, secondary instabilities, breakdown to turbulence, direct numerical simulations, transition modelling. Two-fluid shear flows: linear and non-linear instability methods, interface tracking, the interaction of vortical disturbances with interfaces, direct numerical simulations, laminar-to-turbulence transition. Turbulence: boundary layer turbulence, separation, stratification, drag reduction, direct numerical simulations, large-scale high-performance computing.

Professors with Secondary Appointments

Mehran Armand, Associate Research Professor, APL
Research Interests: Robotics, biomechanics, orthopaedic surgery, and computer-assisted surgery

Stephen Belkoff, Associate Professor, Orthopedic Surgery
Research Interests: Vertebroplasty, soft tissue characterization, trauma biomechanics, mechanism of injury, mechanics of fracture fixation, and joint reconstruction

Robert Cammarata, Professor, Materials Science and Engineering
Research Interests: Synthesis, processing, and properties of thin films and nanostructured materials. Surface and interface stress effects on the properties and thermodynamics of surfaces and nanostructured materials. Advanced electrodeposition and sputtering techniques for the deposition of superlattice, nanocomposite, and magnetic thin films and devices. Computer simulations of the structure and mechanics of surfaces, interphase boundaries, and thin films with ultrafine microstructures. Phase transformations in thin films. Novel strengthening methods for bulk and thin film magnetic materials.

Gregory L. Eyink, Professor, Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Research interests: mathematical physics, fluid mechanics, turbulence, dynamical systems, partial differential equations, nonequilibrium statistical physics, geophysics and climate.

Todd Hufnagel, Professor, Materials Science and Engineering
Research interests: X-ray scattering, metallic glasses, mechanical properties of materials, phase transformations, electron microscopy.

Somnath Ghosh, Professor, Civil Engineering
Research Interests
: Computational mechanics, mechanics of materials; multi-scale modeling of failure in metals, composites and polymers, mulit-physics problems including electromagnetics, biomaterials and design of bio-implant and prosthetics.

Lori Graham-Brady, Associate Professor, Civil Engineering
Research Interests: stochastic finite element methods, probabilistic mechanics, stochastic simulation of material properties, micromechanics.

Daniel Naiman, Professor, Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Research interests: statistics, computational probability, bioinformatics.

Mark Robbins, Professor, Physics and Astronomy
Research Interests: Theoretical condensed matter physics; non-equilibrium processes, atomic origins of macroscopic phenomena

Alexander Spector, Research Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Research Interests: computational models of cell mechanics (electromechanics) and biophysics

Daniel Stoianovici, Associate Professor, Urology

Pazhayannur Swaminathan, Research Professor

Russell Taylor, Professor, Computer Science

Nitish Thakor, Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Research Interests: MEMS techniques for neuro chips, neural devices, neuroimaging.

John Thomas, Assistant Research Professor, APL

David Van Wie, Research Professor, APL

Rene Vidal, Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Research Interests: surgical gesture and skill recognition, analysis of high angular resolution diffusion imaging (HARDI), classification of stem cell derived cardiac myocites, interactive medical image segmentation, camera sensor networks, activity recognition, dynamic texture segmentation and recognition, 3D motion segmentation, non-rigid shape and motion analysis, structure from motion and multiple view geometry, omnidirectional vision, manifold clustering, kernels on dynamical systems, GPCA, kernel GPCA, dynamic GPCA, formation control of teams of non-holonomic robots, coordination and control of multiple autonomous vehicles for pursuit-evasion games, multiple view motion estimation and control for landing an unmanned aerial vehicle, onsensus on manifolds, distributed optimization, compressive sensing.

Liming Voo, Associate Research Professor, APL

Timothy Weihs, Professor, Materials Science & Engineering
Research Interests:
Exothermic phase transformations and reactive materials; mechanical behavior of metals, intermetallics, and biomaterials; micro and nanomechanical testing; mechanical testing of teeth using nanoindentation; Thin film deposition and characterization.


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