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Updated May 15, 2014

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We're Seeking New Graduate Students!

We welcome the opportunity to review your graduate application for possible admission to our graduate programs, as several of our professors will be seeking graduate students.

Who Can Apply When

We will begin to accept graduate applications in mid-August. We will welcome the following applications:

Semester Definitions

To clarify for those whose seasons are different from those in the northern hemisphere or where no seasons with significant weather changes exist in their home areas, we define our semester periods as such:

General Requirements

To be admitted to graduate study in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, students must submit credentials sufficient to convince the faculty that he or she has a good chance of completing the requirements for a graduate degree within a reasonable time frame. No academic degree is required, but the applicant should have achieved very high scores on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or should have other evidence of outstanding ability.

Admission decisions are based on the following primary criteria:

• The applicant’s undergraduate transcript (which must be provided in the English language);
• GRE general scores;
• The applicant’s statement of purpose;
• An evaluation of three letters of reference;
•TOEFL or IELTS scores (only for most international applicants whose native language is other than English).

In order to apply to the program, go to the Full-Time Application and follow the instructions. Applications for admission are accepted beginning in mid-August of each year. Paper applications are not accepted.  (top)

Application Fee

There is a US $25 application fee for all applicants. For those who are exeperiencing financial hardship, applicants may request a waiver of the application fee, but the waiver may be granted only for exceptional applicants who demonstrate true financial hardship and whose chances of admission are strong, if not inevitable. The request must be sponsored by a department faculty member.

Letters of Recommendation

Three letters of recommendation are required, which must be uploaded to your online application. Paper recommendation letters are not accepted. (top)


Note that there are no minimum GPA requirements for a graduate application to be considered for admission. With various grading conventions used around the world, it is difficult to establish a minimum standard. The transcript is but one part of the complete applciation package that is used to determine admission possibilities.

Statement of Purpose

The Graduate Affairs and Admissions Office does not accept paper copies of the statement of purpose since applicants are expected to submit this document through the online application. The uploaded file cannot exceed 500KB in size. The document must also adhere to 1" (inch) margins.  Further details can be found in the Graduate Admissions Statement of Purpose web page.

The Mechanical Engineering does not have specific requirements for your Statement of Purpose, other than that you are encouraged to accurately and concisely convey your credentials, accomplishments, and goals.

You are welcome to also submit your resume, but note that a resume is not a replacement for a Statement of Purpose. (top)

Graduate Record Examination (GRE)

Taking the general GRE is required for all applicants. There are no minimum score requirements for the GRE for an application to be considered, nor are GRE subject tests required. Because of the long communication/transit times involved in the international application process, international applicants to graduate study are advised to take the necessary examinations early so as to have a complete application by mid-December.

The Mechanical Engineering department will accept GRE scores less than five years old.  Additional information may be found at the Graduate Admissions GRE web page. (top)


Johns Hopkins University requires students to have adequate English proficiency for their course of study.  Students must be able to read, speak, and write English fluently upon their arrival at the University.  Successful study demands the understanding oral lectures and taking comprehensive notes during lectures. 

Applicants whose native language is not English must submit proof of their proficiency in English via a TOEFL or IELTS before they can be offered admission and before a visa certificate can be issued.

There is an exception to this requirement. Applicants who have either received or are about to receive a bachelor's degree or master's degree from an institution in the United States, England, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Barbados, or the Bahamas are exempt from taking the TOEFL or IELTS.

Johns Hopkins prefers a minimum score of 600 (paper-based), 250 (computer-based), and 100 (internet-based) on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and IELTS Academic Band Score equal to 7.  Results should be sent directly to the appropriate program by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) which administers TOEFL or captured by IELTS' Global Recognition System.  

The Mechanical Engineering department will accept TOEFL scores less than two years old.  Additional information may be found at http://grad.jhu.edu/admissions/IELTS.htm and http://grad.jhu.edu/admissions/TOEFL.htm. (top)

Submitting GRE, TOEFL, and IELTS Scores

Please arrange with the Educational Testing Service to have official verification of scores of your GRE and TOEFL sent to us.  Please use the following codes to ensure that the scores arrive here:

GRE:  Institutional Code 5332 and Department Code 1502
TOEFL:  Institutional Code 5332 and Department Code 68

Institution Name - Johns Hopkins University, Whiting School of Engineering
Country - USA
Bandscore - 7
Course ID Number - 4610 (Graduate Admissions)

If ordering the submission of official verification of your exam scores is a financial hardship, please contact us to explain your situation.  Alternate methods of verification may be available.  (top)

What to Send in Your Application Package

All application documents must be provided in English (either the original or translations of the original documents). If you are unable to secure translations to English, we recommend that you contact World Education Services.

Please do not submit any items from your application package until after you submit your online application.

After submitting the application, please send your college transcripts in their sealed envelopes as opened transcripts cannot be used.  You may also include optional materials, such as your resume, CV, personal copies of GRE, TOEFL, or IELTS scores; and publication information.  For all materials, the University requires the use of a Mailing Label and Cover Sheet.  Please note the Graduate Admissions Office will only accept regular mail, Certified Mail, UPS, DHL and Fed Ex deliveries.

Supporting documentation should be sent, in one envelope, to the following address:

Johns Hopkins University
Full-time Studies in Arts, Sciences and Engineering
Graduate Admissions Office, Shriver 28
3400 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21218  USA

If applying to more than one department, please mail a complete application package for each department to the Graduate Admissions Office. (top)

Application and Package Submission Deadlines


The University will welcome applications for the 2015 semesters beginning August 2013, and will accept them until the following deadline dates:

We ask that application packages be submitted and postmarked no later than the above application deadlines. The University will accept application packages that arrive after those dates, and we will work to accommodate special situations if the submission deadline is unable to be met. (top)

Financial Aid

Nearly all doctoral students receive support from Departmental Fellowships or Research Assistantships. Tuition support is provided through fellowships and waivers. Departmental Fellows are not required to perform any particular duties for the Department, however Research Assistants are expected to actively participate in the activities or their advisor’s research group.

Financial aid for masters students is less common. While there is coverage for some or all of a student's health insurance, in most cases, masters students will be responsible for their educational and living expenses. Occasionally, funding for tuition is available on a student-by-student basis, if a professor provides funding from a research grant or other source.

While the department does not offer Teaching Assistantships, both doctoral and masters students are offered the chance to apply for "Teaching Assistant" (TA) positions with pay for hours worked per course per semester. The TA is typically required to perform some grading, hold sections and office hours, and offer occasional lectures to help students prepare for teaching experiences in their careers.

Most doctoral students are supported by research assistantships. Research assistantships are funded through programs with the National Science Foundation, the Office of Naval Research, the Army Research Office, the Department of Energy, NASA, the Center for Nondestructive Evaluation, industry, and many other sources. The Johns Hopkins University consistently receives more U.S. federal grant funding than any other university. (top)

Contacting Faculty Before Admission

The Mechanical Engineering department does not necessarily encourage or discourage contact with our faculty before or during the application and admission process.

Some faculty members are willing and able to answer random inquiries during the process, others are not. Please respect the faculty member's wishes if you do not receive a reply. It usually means that he or she is one of the faculty members who do not respond to random inquiries.

If a faculty member is interested in a particular applicant, he or she will sometimes contact the applicant directly to discuss the program.

We strongly recommend that you do not "spam" the entire faculty simultaneously with an inquiry about the program or if they are taking students. We take a dim view of those who send a random contact to the entire faculty and staff with the hope of luckily making a connection.

Please send your inquiries to the appropriate staff as listed in the "Questions" section of this page.

Visits to the Department of Mechanical Engineering

The department welcomes interested individuals to visit the campus to discuss their background and plans for graduate study.

Particularly strong graduate applicants are invited to our annual Graduate Visit Day, where full or partial travel and accommodation expenses are covered. This event is by invitation only.

If you wish to visit the campus and department without an invitation to Graduate Visit Day, please first contact Mike Bernard, Academic Program Administrator. We cannot guarantee accommodation of unscheduled visits, though we will do our best to welcome you. Scheduling visits will allow us to welcome you and enrich your visit experience. (top)

How to Check the Status of Receipt of Your Application Package - Exam Scores, Transcripts, and Letters

Instructions on how to check the status of your application, as well as the confirmation of receipt of your application package can be found on the Graduate Admissions "Frequently Asked Questions" page.

Please follow the instructions described on this page to check your application status and forward your questions to the Graduate Admissions office.

When and How to Expect the Results of Your Application

When the result of an application is determined, applicants will be sent the result by e-mail. No automatic notifications occur about the status of one's application until the result is received.

In most cases, Spring semester applicants can expect results from mid-October through late-December. Fall applicants can usually expect results between early-February and late-April. (top)

Requests for Expedited Admission Decisions

If an applicant needs an expedited decision, usually because an applicant would need this department's results before making a final choice between multiple university admission offers , he or she is welcome to contact the department to request one.

Note that Johns Hopkins University and hundreds of other schools abide by the "Resolution Regarding Graduate Scholars, Fellows, Trainees and Assistants" from the Council of Graduate Schools. These schools agree to allow admitted students time to decide which admission offers to accept, with a deadline of April 15 or later. If you are interested in an expedited decision, please view the resolution and its cover page first to ensure that schools offering admission are not requiring an early decision date in violation of this agreement. (top)

Questions on the Status of Receipt of your Application Submission?

Instructions on how to check the status of the receipt of your application packages and other useful information is available at the Graduate Admissions office "Frequently Asked Questions" page.

If you need adidtional help after reading the "Frequently Asked Questions" page, please contact the Graduate Admissions office with your questions about the status of receipt of your application items. (top)

Questions on the Graduate Program, Application Review, and Admissions Process?

Please contact Mr. Mike Bernard, Academic Program Administrator for information that is not on this page about the Mechanical Engineering graduate program, the application review, and admissions process. (top)