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Master of Science in Engineering (MSE)––Non-Thesis Option
Candidates for the non-thesis M.S.E. program must successfully complete a coordinated sequence of ten courses. A master’s essay or thesis is not required for this graduate degree, which typically requires three semesters of full-time resident graduate study. The intent of the program is to provide the student with an intensive exposure to advanced topics within mechanical engineering and engineering mechanics, and to strengthen the understanding of the fundamentals.

Master of Science in Engineering (MSE)––Thesis Option
Thesis option candidates must successfully complete a coordinated sequence of eight courses and graduate research, and must submit a master’s essay (thesis). The MSE program typically requires three to four semesters of full-time resident graduate study. The majority of MSE degree recipients continue on towards a doctoral degree, often within the same research area.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
The PhD normally requires about four years of full-time study beyond the baccalaureate degree. There is no formal course requirement for a doctoral degree; the student develops a technical program involving both research and course work with the help of his or her adviser. PhD candidates must pass the departmental exam (taken at the end of the third semester of graduate study), pass the Graduate Board Oral exam (usually taken during the second or third year of full-time study), submit a doctoral dissertation, and pass a final thesis defense.

Whiting School of Engineering's Degree Requirements

Academic Advising Manual
The Academic Advising Manuals provide detailed information about the degree requirements for the MSE and PhD programs, as well as information about department administrative procedures and student life.

Graduate Student Evaluations
The Mechanical Engineering department periodically conducts evaluations on the quality of work of its students. These take place between the advisor and the student. The form below helps facilitate the process.

Evaluation Form (.pdf)