Dynamic Smagorinsky model on anisotropic grids

A. Scotti and C. Meneveau
Department of Mechanical Engineering
The Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore MD 21218
M. Fatica, Center for Turbulence Research
Stanford CA 94305-3030

ABSTRACT: To examine the performance of the dynamic Smagorinsky model in a controlled fashion on anisotropic grids, simulations of forced isotropic turbulence are performed using highly anisotropic discretizations. The resulting model coefficients are compared with an earlier prediction. Two extreme cases are considered: pancake-like grids, for which two directions are poorly resolved compared to the third, and pencil-like grids, where one direction is poorly resolved when compared to the other two.

Phys. Fluids 9 (1997), p. 1856

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Reused with permission from A. Scotti, Physics of Fluids, 9, 1856 (1997). Copyright 1997, American Institute of Physics.


Charles Meneveau, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, 3400 N. Charles Street, Baltimore MD 21218, USA, Phone: 1-410-516-7802, Fax: 1-(410) 516-7254, email: meneveau@jhu.edu

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