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Previous News, Awards & Honors


Professor Andrea Prosperetti awarded the 2014 EUROMECH Fluid Mechanics Prize by the Council of the European Mechanics Society!

April 2014: Congratulations to Professor Andrea Prosperetti for being awarded the 2014 EUROMECH Fluid Mechanics Prize by the Council of the European Mechanics Society recognizing his "...profound, seminal contributions to fluid dynamics and acoustics in general and to bubble dynamics and rain noise in particular, including the development of novel numerical techniques, and for his world leadership in these fields and his brilliance in their applications to engineering.” Professor Prosperetti will receive this honor at the European Fluid Mechanics Conference (EFMC1O) in Copenhagen in September 2014.

Professor Rajat Mittal: Research in the Antarctica

April 2014: Our very own ME Professor Rajat Mittal studied Pteropods for five weeks at Palmer Station in Antarctica - one of the major U.S. research stations in Antarctica.  Read all about his interesting discoveries and exciting adventures on his blog!

Wind Energy paper highlighted

April 2014: A key consideration in capturing wind energy is how best to space wind turbines to capture more wind to generate more power. Postdoc Richard Stevens, and Professors Charles Meneveau and Dennice Gayme have applied Large Eddy Simulations to study wake effects which can help future project designers configure wind farms. Their article has been highlighted by the American Institute of Physics.


31st Annual Alexander Graham Christie Lecture:

April 2014: Professor Shu Chien of UCSD presented the lecture entitled “Role of microRNA in Endothelial Mechanotransduction Health and Disease” on April 3, 2014. Following his lecture, Professor Jeff Wang presented him with the engraved memento celebrating this yearly event.  

US News & World Report

March 2014: In its latest 2014 ranking, US News & World Report rated JHU Mechanical Engineering as among the top 13 ME graduate programs in the country. Also in the latest available ranking (2010) by the National Research Council (NRC), our phD program was ranked in the top ten using the NRC Survey-based quality score, according to a statistical analysis using the web-tool provided here

Juggling and the Sense of Touch

March 2014: When you juggle, the sense of touch provides key information to your brain, according to a new study led by ME PhD student Mert Ankarali. Professor Noah Cowan supervised the research, which was featured on the cover of the Journal of Neurophysiology.  Please see featured article in the JHU Hub.

Dr. Steven Marra named Campus Star and Leader in Engineering Education

March 2014: Dr. Steven Marra, Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering, was named a Campus Star and a Leader in Engineering Education by the American Society for Engineering Education, an honor that recognizes excellence in teaching. Please click here for full article.


Congratulations to Professor Kevin Hemker

March 2014: Professor Kevin Hemker, the Alonzo G. Decker Chair in Mechanical Engineering, has been named to The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society's (TMS) 2014 Class of Fellows for discoveries that govern the mechanical behavior of nanocrystalline, micro-lattice, thermal barrier and high-termperature materials based on underlying atomic-scale processes. Moreover, his former PhD student, Dan Gianola, received the TMS Young Professor's Award, and two of his postdocs, Jessica Krogstad and Amit Pandey, were named TMS Young Leaders. Please click here to read the full WSE announcement.

The department welcomes Senior Lecturer David Kraemer January 2014

January 2014: This is a homecoming for Dr. Kraemer, who earned his PhD in Civil Engineering from the Johns Hopkins University in 2001. His research involves investigations of the dynamics of ocean wave-energy conversion systems. He is consulting with a small start-up company that is developing a wave-energy device. However, he has focused his professorial career on undergraduate engineering education. Dr. Kraemer has taught at the US Naval Academy and Bucknell University, and he comes to us from the University of Wisconsin - Platteville where he served as Professor of Mechanical Engineering. Dr. Kraemer's teaching interests include dynamic systems and instrumentation, numerical methods, fluid mechanics, and renewable energy.

Researchers Find Ways to Minimize Power Grid Disruptions in Wind Power

January 2014: Professor Dennice Gayme has co-authored a paper with a researcher at the North Carolina State University that explains their findings that installing wind power plants at certain favorable locations in a power grid can make the grid more robust against extraneous disruptions.


Freshman Experiences is "Shell-Shocked" in Design Competition

December 2013: The Freshman Experiences class, taught by Dr. Steven Marra, competed for honors in the annual design competition, which this year challenged student teams to design vehicles that would protect eggs in a precipitous drop and a ride to a targeted bulls-eye!

Professor Ishan Barman recipient of 2014 Dr. Horace Furumoto Innovations Young Investigator Award from ASLMS

December 2013: Professor Ishan Barman is the recipient of the 2014 Dr. Horace Furumoto Innovations Young Investigator Award from the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS)! Professor Barman has been selected to receive the award for his "innovations in lasers and optics that have already led to significant contributions to both early cancer detection and non-invasive glucose monitoring". The Dr. Horace Furumoto Innovations Young Investigators Award recognizes and encourages the development of future technology innovators and leaders and is to be used to further the recipient's professional development. Professor Barman will receive a $9,000 honorarium and an inscribed award plaque. Formal presentation will occur at the ASLMS Annual Conference Plenary Session in Phoenix on April 2014.

PNASMechanical Engineers at Hopkins Solve a Biological Mystery

November 2013: A research team, led by Mechanical Engineers at The Johns Hopkins University, used a multidisciplinary approach to study a surprising feature of animal locomotion: the production of mutually opposing forces in directions other than what is necessary to move an animal through its environment, such as perpendicular to or counter to the direction of travel. Using a combination of biological experiments on the glass knifefish, experiments with biomimetic robot, and a computational model the researchers discovered that these forces enable the animal to simultaneously achieve stability and maneuverability, which was long thought impossible. Results of this study were published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). The project was led by Shahin Sefati, a Ph.D. student in ME department, and a member of Noah J. Cowan's laboratory.

Rajat Congratulations to Professor Rajat Mittal on NSF Award: Smart Connected Health Program

September 2013: The project, which is lead by Professor Rajat Mittal, includes collaborators from ECE (Andreas Andreou) and Cardiology (William R. Thompson and Theodore Abraham). The goal of the 4-year project from the Smart Connected Health Program of NSF is to develop the fundamental science, knowledge, tools, and technologies for smart diagnosis and monitoring of heart conditions based on automated measurement and analysis of heart sounds. The proposed research leverages emerging capabilities in biosensing, computational modeling, imaging and signal processing, to produce a diagnostic technology that moves us away from management of heart disease that is mostly reactive, expensive and hospital-centric, towards an approach that is smart, proactive, patient-centric and cost-effective.

RR19th Annual James F. Bell Memorial Lecture In Continuum Mechanics

October 2013: Professor Robert Ritchie from University of California, Berkeley, will be presenting the 19th annual James F. Bell Memorial Lecture on Thursday, October 31 at 3:00PM in 210 Hodson Hall. For more information on the lecture, please click HERE.

TZakiThe department welcomes Associate Professor Tamer Zaki

July 2013: Professor Zaki's research focuses on high-fidelity computer simulations of transitional, turbulent and complex flows. His work combines numerical simulations are complementary theoretical models of the flow dynamics. His current activity spans the development of predictive models of instability waves, analysis of the rare events which trigger the onset of turbulence, flow control and drag reduction, the development of scalable algorithms for massively-parallel high-fidelity simulations of turbulent flows and, most recently, multi-scale modelling. Professor Zaki received his PhD in Flow Physics and Computational Engineering at Stanford University in 2005. He subsequently joined the faculty in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London in 2006. At Imperial, he established the Flow Science and Engineering group which has been awarded a number of research prizes. In addition, Professor Zaki has received the President's Award for Excellence in Teaching for his contribution to the educational mission of Imperial College London.

BarmanDr. Ishan Barman to join the ME Department January 2014

July 2013: The department wishes to welcome its new colleague, Assistant Professor Ishan Barman. His research has focused on the conceptualization and development of photonic approaches for non-invasive blood glucose monitoring and for accurate, early stage diagnosis of breast cancer. At Hopkins, Dr. Barman’s research program will seek to tackle problems in elucidation of morphological and chemical information of different patho-physiological states through an interdisciplinary approach featuring novel optical, spectroscopic and microfluidic measurements, mechanistic modeling and advanced numerical methods for analysis and interpretation of the acquired data. His work has been extensively published in journals such as Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences, Cancer Research, PLOS ONE and Analytical Chemistry and has also been prominently featured in leading scientific (Nature SciBX, Technology Review, Physics Today, Physics World) and popular media (Wall St. Journal, CNN Newsroom, ABC Network) outlets. He holds an undergraduate degree from IIT, Kharagpur and a M.S. (2007) and Ph.D. (2011), both in mechanical engineering, from MIT. He is currently a postdoctoral fellow at the Laser Biomedical Research Center in the Department of Chemistry, MIT.

2013 DURIP Decisions Announced

July 2013: ME Professor Kevin Hemker, CE Professor Somnath Ghosh, and their colleagues will receive a DURIP grant for the acquisition of capital equipment that revolutionizes existing facilities in three key areas: multi-scale materials characterization, multi-scale materials modeling, and data management. These areas are central to interdisciplinary research activities in two new Hopkins centers, CEIMM and HEMI, and lie at the core of the needed materials innovation infrastructure outlined in the National Academy of Engineering report on Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) and the White House Materials Genome Initiative (MGI) for Global Competitiveness

S.FraleyRecipient of the Burroughs Wellcome Fund – Career Award for Medical Scientists

July 2013: Dr. Stephanie Fraley, a Postdoctoral Fellow working with Samuel Yang and ME professor Jeff Wang at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, has won the prestigious $500,000 Burroughs Wellcome Fund Career Award at the Scientific Interfaces. The prize, distributed over the next five years, helps transition newly minted PhDs from postdoctoral work into their first faculty positions. Please click here to read more on Dr. Fraley's well-deserved award.

2013 Baja SAE Event

June 2013: The JHU Baja team earned its first 1st place finish in a Baja SAE event capping a great season with a storybook comeback.  At the first competition of the season at TTU the team got 4th place in design finals but missed an entire day of dynamic events and broke down in the endurance race. However, this month at RIT the team turned it around and proved their muster with a first place finish in maneuverability, making it arguably their best season yet.  Read more here: http://www.jhu.edu/baja/new/seasons/910/910.html

ASME 2013 Sia Nemat-Nasser Early Career Award

June 2013: We would like to congratulate Professor Vicky Nguyen once more as the recipient of an additonal prestigious award! Professor Nguyen has been selected to receive the ASME 2013 Sia Nemat-Nasser Early Career Award "for outstanding contributions in both theoretical and experimental biomechanics, particularly work on the complex mechanics of the eye with applications to several conditions including glaucoma." The Sia Nemat Nasser Early Career Award was established as  a divisional award in 2008 and elevated to a Society award this year.  Professor Nguyen will be the inaugural recipient of this new society-level award, and will receive a $5,000 honorarium, a bronze medal, a certificate and travel support.  Formal presentation will occur at the ASME Congress & Exposition in San Diego on November 2013.

Congratulations to Professor Vicky Nguyen!

February 2013: Professor Vicky Nguyen is the recipient of a 2013 NSF CAREER Award, one of the NSF’s most prestigious awards in support of junior faculty who exemplify the role of teacher-scholars through outstanding research, excellent education, and the integration of education and research in their organizations.  Professor Nguyen’s award supports her project, “Understanding the Micromechanisms of Growth and Remodeling Collagenous Tissues.”  This research has the potential to add significantly to our understanding of how mechanical loading influences the growth and remodeling of collagen tissue—knowledge that can be applied to the study and treatment of a range of diseases and conditions, including tendon injuries, cardiac fibrosis and glaucoma.

In addition, Professor Nguyen is also the recipient of the 2012 Eshelby Mechanics Award for Young Faculty. This award is given annually to rapidly emerging junior faculty who exemplify the creative use and development of mechanics. The intent of the award is to promote the field of mechanics, especially among young researchers.


Daniel PriceFormer summer student: Rhodes Scholar

11/2012: Summer researcher Daniel Price was recently awarded a Rhodes Scholarship to study at Oxford in the UK. Mr. Price, a student at UC Berkeley, worked this summer in the ME department with Professor Noah Cowan on adaptive tracking behavior in the weakly electric glass knifefish. Mr. Price also won "Best Presentation" among 12 other summer research projects at Hopkins. 

AIAA Region I Young Professional, Student, and Education Conference Winners

On November 2, 2012, at the AIAA Region I Young Professional, Student, and Education Conference graduate student Pranav Joshi won the Best Graduate Student Paper Award for his presentation, "Effects of Mean and Fluctuating Pressure Gradients on Boundary Layer Turbulence," co-authored with Xiaofeng Liu and Joseph Katz.

Graduate student Chao Zhang won third-place for his presentation, "Flight Stabilization with Flapping Wings in Gusty Environments" co-authored with Lingxiao Zheng, Tyson Hedrick and Rajat Mittal.

Beyond the Jamming Avoidance Response

11/2012: Two JHU students, Sarah Stamper (Psych) and Manu Madhav (MechE) had their interdisciplinary paper selected as the Editor's Choice in the Journal of Experimental Biology. Their paper, which investigates how special interference patterns called "envelopes" drive the behavior of electric fish, was ranked as the third best paper in 2012 in the journal. The student's work was co-advised by ME Professor Noah J. Cowan and visiting ME Professor Eric S. Fortune (Professor of Biology at NJIT). Their paper is freely available until December 5, 2012 and can be found here.

PIRENSF awards $4.3M to ME and E2SHI faculty for a USA/Europe Partnership on Wind Energy

11/2012: The project will fund an International Partnership for Integrated Research and Education (PIRE) in wind energy intermittency, spanning topics from wind farm turbulence to economic management. Professor Meneveau will lead the team involving ME Professors Dennice Gayme and Rajat Mittal and other colleagues in the Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering, as well as at the Texas Tech University, Smith College and the University of Puerto Rico. European partners include DTU and Risoe Laboratory in Denmark, the ERC of the Netherlands, EPFL in Switzerland, Leuven University in Belgium, and Comillas Pontifical University in Spain. For more information, click here.

ME Air Force Center of Excellence in Integrated Materials Modeling seeks students

10/18/2012 The Air Force Center of Excellence in Integrated Materials Modeling, headed by Prof. Somnath Ghosh is seeking graduate students to begin studies in the Spring 2013 semester. Visit here for details and application information.

DG_NSF ProjectME and E2SHI professors win $1.7M NSF grant to develop sustainable power networks

Professor Dennice Gayme is leading a team of researchers at JHU, North Carolina State University, and Smith College in a new $1.7M National Science Foundation project that studies ways to increase the percentage of our electricity that comes from renewable energy sources. Power from wind and solar power is uneven because it depends on when the wind is blowing or sun is shining. The project examines methods to maintain the flow of electricity in a power grid that is connected to these cleaner but intermittent power sources along with the government and market policy necessary for the changes to be adopted. The JHU project team includes Professor Charles Meneveau and Professor Ben Hobbs, the director of the Environment, Energy, Sustainability and Health Institute. For more information, click here.


BCoudrillier Baptiste Coudrillier wins first place in the PhD Student Paper Competition

6/12: The Student Paper Competition took place during the Tissue and Cell Solid Mechanics at the ASME Summer Bioengineering Conference, Fajardo, Puerto Rico, June 22, 2012.  The winning paper/presentation, an outcome of research in Professor Vicky Nguyen's laboratory was titled "Scleral anisotropy and its effects on the deformation response of the optic nerve head" and developed a computational model that investigated the effect of the anisotropic and heterogeneous collagen structure of the posterior sclera.

RMSwimProfessor Mittal elucidates long-standing argument about about best swimming stroke

7/4/12: In a ground-breaking application of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) that uses boundary conditions from underwater videos and scans of actual swimmers, Professor Rajat Mittal and his team have found that  a deep catch (drag-based) stroke is more efficient and effective than the so-called sculling (lift-based) stroke. The results will appear in a paper recently accepted for publication in the Journal of Biomechanical Engineering and have been shared with the USA Olympic Swimming Team. The New York Times and Inside Science also has featured this work.

Prof. Andrea Prosperetti Prof. Andrea Prosperetti receives Acoustical Society of America Silver Medal

6/7/12 Professor Andrea Prosperetti has been named a recipient of the Acoustical Society of America Silver Medal in Physical Acoustics for contributions to bubble dynamics and multiphase flow.


Professor Jaafar El-Awady Jaafar El-Awady wins 2012 DARPA Young Faculty Award

5/14/12: Professor Jaafar El-Awady has won a 2012 DARPA Young Faculty Award. One of just 50 winners nationwide, the award will support Prof. El-Awady's research in micro-mechanics modeling of crack-initiation under thermo-mechanical fatigue.


K. T. Ramesh Johns Hopkins launches Hopkins Extreme Materials Institute

4/25/12: Johns Hopkins University has launched the Hopkins Extreme Materials Institute after receiving a $90 million grant from the U.S. Army. that enables researchers to better understand impacts on materials in extreme environments. Mechanical Engineering's own Professor K. T. Ramesh will head the institute.

One muddy Baja car! BajaSAE Team finishes 9th of 100 teams at Eastern Competition

4/25/12: The Johns Hopkins University Baja SAE team achieved their highest placement ever in a BajaSAE contest with a 9th place finish at the Eastern Competition in Auburn, Alabama. The team also earned 3rd place in both the Design Report and Maneuverability sections of the contest. They move on to the summer competition in Madison, Wisconsin.

Prof. MoinDepartment of Mechanical Engineering's 29th Annual Alexander Graham Christie Lecture

4/23/12: We are pleased to announce the 29th Annual Alexander Graham Christie Lecture which will be held this Friday, April 27, 2012 at 4:00pm in 50 Gilman Hall; a reception will be held immediately afterwards in the Atrium area of Gilman Hall. Professor Parviz Moin from the Center for Turbulence Research at Stanford University will be our distinguished speaker.


Marty Devaney Marty Devaney honored for outstanding service

4/10/12: For his outstanding and  excellence in leading the departmental administrative activities, Senior Administrative Manager Marty Devaney is one of the nominees for the Whiting School Staff Service Award 2012. This nomination is a testament to the esteem he is held by everybody in the department, from the faculty, students, other ME staff members and the WSE administration. Congratulations!

CowanScienceNationThis week's Science Nation episode features ME's Noah Cowan

4/10/12: The prominent National Science Foundation video series is featuring Professor Noah Cowan's collaborative research with neuroethologist Eric Fortune in a piece titled "Electric Fish Charges Up Research on Animal Behavior". They describe research on how and why weakly electric knifefish uses electric field to communicate, navigate and hunt.

arrowJHU Mechanical Engineering's rank rises in US News & World Report

4/3/12: JHU Mechanical Engineering rises several points in the latest US News & World Report ranking of graduate programs in mechanical engineering, from #16 last year to #13 in 2012.

J-P CardenasJ-P Cardenas nominated as candidate for Student Employee of the Year

4/3/12 J-P Cardenas, Mechanical Engineering's front office student worker of two years was nominated as a candidate for “2012 Student Employee of the Year.” Less than one percent of the University’s student workers are nominated for this honor each year.

Prof. Andrea ProsperettiProf. Andrea Prosperetti elected to National Academy of Engineering

2/9/12 Professor Andrea Prosperetti has been elected to the National Academy of Engineering - one of engineering's highest distinctions - for his contributions to the fundamentals and applications of multiphase flows.


Tiras Lin '13Mechanics of butterflies in flight

2/6/12: Tiras Lin, BS '13 has been conducting research on the mechanics of butterflies in flight. Information gathered from his research may be used to construct better designs for micro aerial vehicles that could be used by the United States military. Read more here. [4/19/12 Tiras was recently named one of the Baltimore Sun's "Ten to Watch Under 30" - a tribute to ten outstanding young adults under the age of 30 in the Baltimore region.]


JHU/NASA TeleroboticsJHU/NASA telerobotics demo for Maryland Congressional Delegation

11/29/11: Prof. Louis Whitcomb, Prof. Peter Kazanzides, their collaborators, and students participated in a JHU/NASA telerobotics demo for Congresswoman Donna Edwards, Senator Barbara Mikulski and Congressman Steny Hoyer during their visit to the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) in Greenbelt, Maryland on November 29, 2011. The blue and white robot on the far left of the photo at GSFC was remotely controlled from the da Vinci master console in Hackerman Hall robotorium (see monitor image of Ph.D. student Jon Bohren in Hackerman in the center of the photo). Ph.D. student Kel Guerin is just to the right of Congressman Hoyer.

APS DFDFluid dynamics meeting hosted in Baltimore

11/22/11: The 64th Annual Meeting of the American Physical Society's Division of Fluid Dynamics was held at the Convention Center in Baltimore from November 20th to 22nd, 2011. The JHU fluids group lead the organization of the meeting, with Professor Andrea Prosperetti serving as organizing committee chair and graduate students and postdocs providing technical service to the many parallel sessions. This year's meeting had a record-setting number (>2,400) of participants, with up to 26 parallel sessions.   

AIAA Region IAIAA Region I Young Professional, Student, and Education Conference 2011

11/4/11: Tiras Lin (ME '13) was the second place winner for Best Undergraduate Student Presentation for his presentation, "Understanding the Role of Moment-of-Inertia Variation in Insect Flight Maneuvers" and Sarah McElman (ME '12) received an Honorable Mention for her presentation, "Hydrogen Production from Metal-Water Reactions" at the AIAA Region I Young Professional, Student, and Education Conference 2011 held at Applied Physics Laboratory's Kossiakoff Center.

ME ASME 2011 International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition

11/11: Congratulations to Baptiste Coudriller who won First Place in the 2011 ASME AMD Student Paper Competition. He presented his paper, "Effect of the Scleral Collagen Structure on the Mechanical Response of the Optic Nerve Head" at the ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition in Denver on November 14, 2011.

NC The Science CoalitionScience Roundtable discussion hosted by The Science Coalition

10/13/11: Professor Noah J. Cowan participated in a Science Roundtable discussion on October 13, 2011, hosted by The Science Coalition, featuring winners of the prestigious Presidential Early-Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE) from universities around the country. The on-the-record event was held at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. Listen here.

Rajat MittalProfessor Rajat Mittal elected a Fellow of the American Physical Society

9/28/11: The Council of the American Physical Society has named Rajat Mittal a Fellow of the American Physical Society upon the recommendation of the Division of Fluid Dynamics. Professor Mittal's election of the APS Fellowship is recognition "for fundamental contributions to the development of immersed boundary methods in computational fluid dynamics and for the understanding of the structure of bluff body wakes, fluid dynamics of locomotion, active flow control, and biomimetics & bioinspired engineering."

Meneveau_AIAAProfessor Charles Meneveau is the first recipient of the Stanley Corrsin Award

9/28/11: Charles Meneveau is the first recipient of the Stanley Corrsin Award newly established by the Fluid Dynamics Division of the American Physical Society "for his innovative use of experimental data and turbulence theory in the development of advanced models for large-eddy simulations, and for the application of these models to environmental, geophysical and engineering applications." The Prize consists of $5,000, an allowance for travel to the meeting at which the Prize is awarded, and a certificate citing the contributions made by the recipient. The award will be presented annually at the Division of Fluid Dynamics annual meeting and will be accompanied by a Distinguished Lecture from the Award winner.

Noah CowanProfessor Noah Cowan Receives PECASE

9/15/11: Noah Cowan is the recipient of a 2011 Presidential Early Career Award (PECASE). The award, announced by President Obama, is the U.S. government's highest honor for scientists and engineers in the early stages of their research careers. Professor Cowan is one of 94 recipients of this year’s PECASE and one of 24 awardees nominated by the National Science Foundation. He was selected for his innovative research in biologically inspired robotic systems with application to disaster recovery and space exploration and for motivating students to explore careers in science and engineering.

LWProf. Whitcomb part of team that measured oil and gas flow in Deepwater Horizon Spill
Photograph of a hydrocarbon jet leaking from the Deepwater Horizon's broken riser (Photo by Rich Camilli, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)

9/12/2011:  In a paper recently published in PNAS, a team led by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, including Professor Louis Whitcomb is reporting considerably sharpened measurements of  how much oil and gas flowed in last year's Deepwater Horizon Spill.

RobertoHemkerAllisonProfessor Hemker goes to Washington

8/3/11: TMS and MRS co-hosted a Materials Information Luncheon on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC on August 3, 2011. TMS P&GA Chair and ad hoc committee chair Professor Kevin Hemker served as moderator for the session, with presentations by Prof. John Allison (on left, representing TMS) and Dr. Jim Roberto (on right, representing MRS). A combined audio/slide version of the presentations was captured and is available at http://materialsinnovation.tms.org/resources.aspx.

(on right) Prof. Joe Katz Joe Katz and Jiarong Hong receive ASME Knapp Award

7/27/11: Professor Joe Katz and graduate student Jiarong Hong received the 2011 FED Robert T. Knapp award for their paper, "FEDSM-ICNMM2010-30829: Scale-Dependent Energy Fluxes in a Rough-wall Turbulent Channel Flow."

Prof. KT RameshProfessor K.T. Ramesh receives Lazan Award

7/15/11: Professor K.T. Ramesh will receive the Society of Experimental Mechanics’ 2012 B.J. Lazan Award in recognition of his technical contributions to the field of experimental mechanics. The B.J. Lazan award was established in 1967 to recognize individuals who have made outstanding original technical contributions to experimental mechanics and the award honors inventors, developers or contributors to the introduction of new devices or methods. In 1973 the award was named in honor of Dr. Benjamin J. Lazan, a pioneer in his field who achieved recognition in dynamic testing, vibration, materials damping, and fatigue.

Bob WebsterRobotics PhD Alumnus receives best thesis award

7/8/11:  Former JHU ME PhD student Robert J. Webster, co-advised by Professors Noah Cowan and Allison Okamura, was awarded the "Dick Volz Best Robotics PhD Thesis Award" from among all of the theses completed in the United States in 2007. The award was presented at the 2011 Robotics: Science and Systems conference.


Rajat MittalProfessor Mittal named an ASME Fellow

7/8/11: Professor Rajat Mittal has been named a Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), recognizing his "outstanding engineering achievements." ASME describes the Fellow Grade as "the highest elected grade of membership within ASME, the attainment of which recognizes exceptional engineering achievements and contributions to the engineering profession".

Meneveau_AIAA Professor Meneveau receives Award from AIAA

6/29/11: Professor Charles Meneveau has received the 2011 Julian C. Cole Award from the American Institute for Aeronatics and Astronautics's (AIAA) Fluid Dynamics Technical Committee. He also presented the Cole Award Lecture at the AIAA conference in Honolulu, Hawaii on June 29, 2011. The lecture was entitled "Generalizing the dynamic subgrid-scale model: modeling turbulent flows over fractals and rough surfaces"

ME Summer Bioengineering Competition

6/22/11: Theresa Koys, a graduate student in Professor Vicky Nguyen's lab, won first place in the MS level poster competition at the Summer Bioengineering Competition in Farmington, Pennsylvania. She won in the category of Solid Mechanics and Design and Rehabilitation for her work titled "A Thin Shell Inflation Method for the Anisotropic Properties of Human Skin Tissues". 

ME JHU Robotics Students win Audience Award at 2011 Robot Film Festival

6/17/2011: Congratulations to JHU robotics students Kelleher Guerin, Carol Reiley, Tom Tantillo for winning the Audience Award (picked by voting on Twitter) for their short film entitled "Operation Da Vinci" at the 2011 Robot Film Festival. See the video!

Baja 2011JHU Baja SAE finishes 17th overall in Peoria, IL

6/10/11: Baja SAE is a student design competition where teams design an off-road car for design judging and dynamic competition. The current team includes Seniors John Falzon, Clyde Overby, Peter Cremona-Simmons and Matthew Blake, Junior Andrew Kelly, and Sophomores Sean Bailey, Aric Russo, Aaron Rips and Josh Meyerson. See the Hopkins Baja Promotional Video and more competition photos!


ME Convocation Award Winners Announced

5/6/11: Congratulations to our Convocation Award winners for oustanding achievement! They include James Bell Award recipient Matthew Gombolay '11, the Robert G. Gerstmyer Award recipients Stephen Alexander '11, Ben Goldberg '11, Rob Grande '12, and Juan Tobon Lotero '12; the Charles A. Miller Award recipient Andrew Barnett '11; the William N. Sharpe Award for Student Involvement recipient Siobhan Callanan '11; and the recipients of the Creel Familly Teaching Assistant Award: Daniel Bagdorf '11, Robert Romano '11, and graduate students Subhransu Mishra and Chunwoo Kim.

Deana SantoniDepartment's Deana Santoni honored for outstanding service

5/2/11: For her outstanding and sustained excellence in departmental administrative services, Senior Administrative Coordinator Deana Santoni was one of the nominees for the Whiting School Staff Service Award 2011. This nomination is a testament to the esteem she is held by everybody in the department, from the faculty, students, and administration, to her fellow staff members in the departmental office. Congratulations!

ME Sommerman Graduate Teaching Assistant Award

5/1/11 Congratulations to graduate student Chunwoo Kim on winning the Sommerman Graduate Teaching Assistant Award. Chunwoo was selected from among student-selected nominees by a subcommittee of Tau Beta Pi. 

Lester Su2011 Alumni Association Excellence in Teaching Award

5/1/11 The Department congratulates Associate Research Professor Lester Su for being awarded the 2011 Alumni Association Excellence in Teaching Award. He was selected by a subcommittee of Tau Beta Pi, who drew upon nominations from students and faculty in making their selection, for his outstanding contributions to teaching excellence.

Louis WhitcombWilliam H. Huggins Excellence in Teaching Award

5/1/11 Professor Louis Whitcomb is receiving the William H. Huggins Excellence in Teaching Award for 2011. He was chosen by a subcommittee of Tau Beta Pi, who drew upon nominations from students and faculty in making their selection, for his sustained outstanding contributions to teaching excellence at Johns Hopkins.


Prof. Kevin HemkerProf. Hemker named Alonzo G. Decker Chair in Mechanical Engineering

3/24/11: Professor Kevin J. Hemker has been appointed as the "Alonzo G. Decker Chair in Mechanical Engineering".  His group does ground-breaking research on high-temperature coatings is being used to improve jet engines and satellites that will orbit the sun.  Their studies of thin films and nanocrystalline materials are changing the way the materials community thinks about and models the behavior of ultra small-scale materials. Fannie Fox Decker, a longtime supporter of the university, made several generous gifts in honor of her husband, Alonzo G. Decker, and her son, Alonzo G. Decker, Jr.  Through her estate, Mrs. Decker (who died in 1981), provided support for the Alonzo G. Decker Chair in Mechanical Engineering at the Whiting School. Together with the award of the Alonzo G. Decker Jr. Chair in Science and Engineering to Professor Ramesh earlier this month, these chaired professorships recognize the overall excellence and stature of the Mechanics and Materials group in the department.

Prof. Kevin HemkerMaterials expertise to address energy challenges:

3/21/11: The Department of Energy has called on ME's Professor Kevin Hemker for  materials science expertise to help address the nation’s energy challenges.  He played a key role in developing a report for the U.S. Department of Energy that identified materials-related  technologies that could play game-changing roles in areas such as energy efficiency and energy-related business opportunities.  For more information, see the article in the JHU Gazette.

Prof. KT RameshProf. Ramesh named Alonzo G. Decker Jr. Chair in Science and Engineering

3/18/11: Professor K.T. Ramesh is world-renowned  for his research that spans a wide range of topics,  from nanostructured materials, high strain rate behavior and dynamic failure of materials, the dynamics of human tissues, all the way to planetary impact phenomena. He has been an extremely effective leader in ME, not only as department chair, but also as a driving force in the department’s growth. The Alonzo G. Decker Jr. Chair in Science and Engineering was established by Alonzo Decker Jr., a university trustee for more than 30 years and national chair of the Hopkins Hundreds Campaign in the 1970s, during which time he gave generously to the university, including the establishment of this endowed professorship.

Prof. Joe KatzProfessor Katz named Gilman Scholar

3/14/11:  Professor Joseph Katz has been chosen to be an inaugural Gilman Scholar. He is among 17 eminent faculty and professional staff members from across all the Johns Hopkins divisions, and one of two from the Whiting School, to have been chosen for this highly prestigious designation, named after Daniel Coit Gilman, Johns Hopkins’ visionary first president. For more information, see the article in the JHU Gazette.

IEEE WIEIEEE Women in Engineering

3/4/11: Professor Allison Okamura appeared in a 2011 poster from IEEE Women in Engineering. The goal of the poster is to encourage women to enter engineering fields by highlighting modern day engineering role models.



Journal of Biomechanical Engineering Professor Rajat Mittal and Students' Paper on the Cover of "Journal of Biomechanical Engineering"

1/19/2011: A paper entitled "A Coupled Sharp-Interface Immersed Boundary-Finite-Element Method for Flow-Structure Interaction With Application to Human Phonation," written by Professor Rajat Mittal, postdoc Xudong Zheng, and graduate student Qian Xue has been featured on the cover of the "Journal of Biomechanical Engineering."

Allison & Louis IEEEProfessors Allison Okamura and Louis Whitcomb named Fellows of the IEEE

12/6/2010: The Department congratulates Professors Allison Okamura and Louis Whitcomb for being named Fellows of the IEEE. The IEEE Grade of Fellow is conferred upon a person with an outstanding record of accomplishments in any of the IEEE fields of interest. Professor Okamura's citation reads "For contributions to the design and control of haptic systems and medical robotics" and Professor Whitcomb's citation is "For contributions to the theory and application of robotics for intervention in extreme environments".

Mechanical EngineeringAIAA Young Student and Education Conference winners

10/29/2010: Undergraduate students Alex Englesbe '11 and Tiras Lin '13 won first and third place, respectively, for their presentations at the AIAA Region 1 "Young Professional Student and Education Conference" Undergraduate Presentation competition. View the winners' photos here.

bars-whateverME ranked in top ten

9/30/2010: Latest rankings by the National Research Council (NRC): The Mechanical Engineering PhD program at JHU has been ranked in the top ten in the nation using the NRC's Survey-based quality score. This is according to a statistical analysis using the web-tool provided at www.phds.org. There, ME is also ranked as #5 in terms of Research Productivity.

Will Anderson_surfaceBest student presentation award

9/29/10: ME graduate student Will Anderson in the Turbulence Research Group wins Best Student Oral Presentation for his talk entitled "A dynamic model for LES of boundary layer flow over rough, multiscale surfaces", presented at the 19th Symposium on Boundary Layers and Turbulence, Keystone, Colorado, August, 2010.

whitcomb_ventsDiverse styles of submarine venting on the ultraslow spreading Mid-Cayman Rise

8/27/10: Using robot technology from Professor Louis Whitcomb's research, a team of researchers has explored the deepest submarine vents in the ocean to date, at 5000m depth. In a paper recently published in PNAS , they report a surprising diversity of vent styles.

APS SynopsesModeling the Shapes of Bacteria

07/27/10:  A recent  Physical Review Letters article by Professor Sean Sun and postdoc Hongyuan Jiang has been highlighted on the APS Synopses website. The study considers how the balance between chemical and elastic energy could explain the morphology of rod-shaped bacteria.

7/8/10: Graduate student Emily Huskins won the Student Paper competition at the 2010 Annual Meeting of TMS in Seattle (in February) with her talk on "Ultra-Fine-Grained Aluminum Alloys". She also won the Student Paper competition at the Society of Experimental Mechanics conference in Indianapolis in June with her talk on "Thermal Softening of an Ultra-Fine-Grained Aluminum Alloy at High Rates". This is her second Best Paper award.

5/4/10: Team Grab Bag was highlighted in an article in the Annapolis Capital; please click here to read entire article. (left to right: Tristan Arbus, Diana Sandy, and Adam Sierakowski)

4/28/10: At the WSE Staff recognition breakfast, Lorrie Dodd was 1 of 16 people nominated for the WSE Staff recognition award where she was chosen as one of four recipients. Her dedication and accomplishments were highlighted as she received a plaque and monetary award from Dean Jones. 

4/10/10: By finishing 28th out of 100 teams, the Hopkins Baja team made history with their personal best-ever finish at the race in Greenville SC. ME is proud of their fast increasing ranking and congratulates the team for their accomplishments.

3/24/10: Graduate Student Muge Pirtini has been named one of 10 to Watch Under 30 in the publication B, affiliated with the Baltimore Sun, for her work on a noninvasive infrared scanning system that could be used for the detection of melanoma.

2/25/10: Researchers from the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center, and ME's Professor Cila Herman and her PhD student Muge Pirtini have developed a noninvasive infrared scanning system to measure tiny temperature differences between healthy tissue and a growing tumor. This could revolutionize how doctors distinguish between benign moles and melanoma, a lethal form of cancer.

2/23/10: Physics of Fluids online has highlighted a research paper (Phys. Fluids 22, 015110 (2010)) by Professor Charles Meneveau and co-workers on a large eddy simulation study. It elucidates the role of vertical transport of kinetic energy and modeling of large arrays of wind turbines in the atmospheric boundary layer.

2/1/10:  In a recently published article in Science, Professor Kevin Hemker and collaborators describe that newly developed nanocrystalline materials can exhibit surprising activity in the tiny spaces between nanocrystals. For more information, see article in the JHU Gazette.

1/29/10: Professor Omar Knio has been named Associate Editor of the Journal Theoretical and Computational Fluid Dynamics where he will cover the areas of Uncertainty Quantification, Multiscale Fluid Dynamics and DNS of Reacting Flows.


12/14/09: A highlight of our first-year undergraduate course "Freshman Experiences in Mechanical Engineering" is the fall semester design competition. Read about the fall 2009 festivities in the JHU Gazette.

11/23/09: At its November 2009 meeting, the IEEE board of directors voted to elevate Professor Gregory Chirikjian to the rank of IEEE Fellow, effective, 1 January 2010,  for his outstanding contributions to hyper-redundant manipulators.

10/7/09: Professor Joseph Katz was recently elected Fellow of the American Physical Society. Fellowship of the APS is  a distinct honor signifying recognition by one's professional peers, accorded to its most distinguished members.

7/24/09: Professor Jeff Wang’s group and collaborators at Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins have developed a highly sensitive test to look for DNA attachments that often are early warning signs of cancer. More information can be found in Genome Research and JHU Gazette.

7/7/09: President Obama today named Professor Thao (Vicky) Nguyen as one of the recipients of the Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers, the highest honor bestowed by the United States government on young professionals in the early stages of their independent research careers.  The recipients will receive their awards in the Fall at a White House ceremony. Congratulations to Professor Nguyen on this tremendous award and accomplishment.

7/1/09: The department of Mechanical Engineering welcomes its new colleague, Professor Rajat Mittal. Professor Mittal is a world-renowned expert on computational fluid mechanics and its applications to low Reynolds number aerodynamics, biomedical flows, active flow control, LES/DNS, Immersed Boundary Methods, fluid dynamics of locomotion (swimming & flying), biomimetics & bioinspired engineering, and turbomachinery flows.

6/26/09: Professor Kevin Hemker has been elected by the Board of Trustees of ASM International as a Fellow of the Society. The honor of Fellow represents recognition of his distinguished contributions in the field of materials science and engineering and for his research contributions in the understanding of deformation mechanisms, in intermetallic systems, and micro-scale mechanical testing.

6/9/09: John Kegelman, from our 2009 ME graduating class, has been named the 2009 ESPN The Magazine College Division Academic All-American of the Year and a First Team Academic All-American.

6/9/09: Congratulations to Cindy Byer for receiving the second place prize for her paper on microcompression and dislocation mechanisms in single crystal magnesiumin in the Student Paper Competition at the Society for Experimental Mechanics' Annual Conference in Albuquerque, NM.

A dive to 10,902 meters on May 31, 2009 by Nereus, a hybrid, remotely operated submarine, marked the start of a new era in deep-sea exploration. Co-principal investigator, ME's Professor Louis Whitcomb, developed the sub's navigation and control system. More», Interactive Tour of Nereus»

4/3/09: The Hopkins Baja team has completed work on their 2009 Vehicle.  The Hopkins Baja team annually builds a vehicle for the Baja SAE competition and will race their car against 100 teams from all over North America in Auburn Alabama starting 4/16/09.  Click here for a video of the car's construction. 

3/27/09: Christopher Ivey, a rising junior in the BS/MS Program, won the NASA Aeronautics Scholarship Program Award, which entails two $15,000 stipends plus a $10,000 summer internship at a NASA center of his choice. For more information on the scholarship, please visit: https://nasa.asee.org/.

3/1/2009: Prof. Noah J. Cowan has received the NSF CAREER award for his work entitled "Sensory Guidance of Locomotion: From Neurons to Newton's Laws." This five year grant will enable Prof. Cowan to explore how brains control movement in a variety of animals, including cockroaches, weakly electric knifefish, and fruit flies.

1/6/2009: Bacterial cells utilize a unique micromechanical device, the Z-ring, to pinch itself into 2 daughter cells during division. In a paper appearing in Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., Prof. Sun's group provides a molecular explanation of the division process. For full article: http://www.pnas.org/content/106/1/121.full


12/15/2008: Professor Allison Okamura's research is featured in a Washington Post Article on haptic technology. Read more...

12/8/2008: For their first major design project, freshman mechanical engineers at Johns Hopkins had to build a car that would follow a slalom course using only mechanical elements. They competed in a single-elimination tournament on the last day of classes. For full article: Headlines@Hopkins

10/1/2008: The Department of Mechanical Engineering will participate in the University's annual Natural Sciences and Engineering Undergraduate Open House on Saturday, October 18, beginning at 9:30 a.m. in Shriver Hall. Professor Lester Su will present information on the department and its undergraduate majors at 10:10, 11:00, and 11:50 a.m. in Latrobe Hall, Room 120. Everyone is welcome.

9/5/2008: The department celebrated the outstanding contributions that Professor Sharpe has made to Johns Hopkins University and to the wider Mechanical Engineering community. A special student award recognizing student achievement, to be given annually to a deserving senior, was named after him, the William N. Sharpe, Jr. Award for Student Involvement.

8/4/08: Engineering students at Johns Hopkins have invented a tool that would allow utility workers to disconnect power lines from residential transformers at a safe distance, beyond the range of dangerous electrical arcs. For full article: JHU Gazette.

07/11/08: Professor Gregory Chirikjian has been named a 2008 fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). The ASME cites him as a “pioneer in the design, implementation, and analysis of several novel robotic technologies,” adding that he has “a proven track record as an administrator and mentor.”

•4/27/08: The results are in! The Department of Mechanical Engineering awarded its own prizes in the 2008 WSE Video Competition. Click here to see all of the winning entries.

•4/20/08: ME freshmen Casey Blythe has won his 19th tennis match this week, helping the Hopkins Blue Jays win their 20th consecutive Centennial Conference match.

•4/1/08: Mike Bernard, Sr. Academic Program Coordinator, was selected as the winner of the Whiting School of Engineering's 2008 Staff Service Award for outstanding service and support of the educational and research activities of WSE and ME. He has been recognized for his contributions to Engineering as well as the Hopkins Community by his exceptional commitment, dedication and service to the department and the school.

•3/7/08: Professor Allison Okamura has been appointed an Associate Editor of the IEEE Transactions of Haptics. An article about the new journal that includes Okamura's work on educational haptics is described in an article in IEEE's publication The Institute.

•2/29/08: Sarthak Misra, K. T. Ramesh, and Allison M. Okamura's paper "Physically Valid Surgical Simulators: Linear versus Nonlinear Tissue  Models" was awarded a Best Poster Award at the Medicine Meets Virtual  Reality
. The MMVR conference was held at Long  Beach, California from January 29 - February 1, 2008.

•2/26/08: Professor Kevin Hemker has been elected a Fellow of ASME, the citation including: "...Dr. Hemker is one of the world's leading researchers at the interface of materials science, novel test methods, and solid mechanics..."

•2/25/08: A team lead by Profs. Noah Cowan (Mechanical Engineering) and Eric Fortune (Psychological and Brain Sciences) reported a new mathematical model of brain circuits in the cover article of the February 2008 issue of PLoS Computational Biology. The work (funded by NSF) was inspired by a species of weakly electric fish.

•2/14/08: Professor Kevin Hemker, chair of the mechanical engineering department, has an article on nanoscale deformation published in Nature Materials.


•12/11/07: Professor Charles Meneveau's new wind energy project has been featured in a JHU news release entitled "Wind Turbines Produce 'Green' Energy and Airflow Mysteries"; a video of the project is also available.

12/3/07: Read an article in the Baltimore Sun highlighting the "Ready Set Design!" program ran by Professor Lester Su.

11/16/07: An article titled "Making Machines That Make Others of Their Kind" published in Science Magazine features the work of Professor Greg Chirikjian.

•11/18/07: Graduate student Emily Huskins has been selected by the Executive Committee of the Applied Mechanics Division of ASME to receive the Robert and Mary Haythronthwaite Foundation travel award for students presenting at the ASME Congress 2007.

•11/9/07: Professor Andrea Prosperetti will become the Editor in Chief of the International Journal of Multiphase Flow.

•11/6/07: Graduate student Sarthak Misra was awarded a fellowship to attend a week-long workshop on "Scientific Computing Applications in Surgical Simulation of Soft Tissues" at the Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics (IPAM).

•11/1/07: A paper by Ph.D. student Robert Webster and his advisors Professor Allison Okamura and Professor Noah Cowan was selected as one of the top five papers (out of approximately 700) at last year's the Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) conference in Beijing, China. The award was presented at the 2007 IROS conference in San Diego.

•10/26/07: The National Science Foundation's Division of Geosciences has published a news release about holographic microscopy research by scientists including Professor Joseph M. Katz have identified swimming and attack patterns of two deadly microbes linked to fish kills.

•10/11/07: Graduate student Ganhui Lan and Professor Sean Sun's paper "Z-ring force and cell shape during division in rod-like bacteria" just appeared in the Proceeding of National Academy of Sciences. More information can be found here.

•10/9/07: Prof. Allison Okamura has been appointed the Gilbert Decker Faculty Scholar. This three-year scholarship was established by alumnus Gil Decker, Class of 1958, to support scholarly and teaching activities.

•10/1/07: Professor Sean Sun's graduate student, Ganhui Lan, was awarded a BMES (Biomedical Engineering Society) student travel award for 2007 to support his participation at the 2007 BMES Annual Fall Meeting in Los Angeles, CA.

•9/6/07: Professor Andrea Prosperetti has been honored as a Fellow of the School of Engineering at the University of Tokyo for his distinguished service in research and education.

• 2/9/07 Prof. Noah Cowan's recent paper in the Journal of Neuroscience was rated as a "Must Read" by two members of the Faculty of 1000. The paper, coauthored with Neuroscientist Eric Fortune, was a recent feature in the JHU Gazette, and is part of an ongoing NSF-funded collaboration.

• 1/29/07 Top Ten: JHU Mechanical Engineering has been ranked #7 in the Academic Analytics Faculty Scholarly Productivity Index of U.S. doctoral programs in Mechanical Engineering.

• 1/28/07 The American Geophysical Union has awarded graduate student Saikiran Rapaka an Outstanding Student Poster Award for his presentation, titled "Critical Times for the Onset of Density-Driven Convection in Anisotropic Porous Media" at the AGU Fall meeting in December 2006.

• 1/2/07 The American Academy of Mechanics has elected Professor Charles Meneveau as Fellow in recognition of outstanding contributions to research and leadership in Mechanics.


• 11/7/06 Professor and Chair Greg Chirikjian was an invited speaker at the 16th Fall Workshop on Computational and Combinatorial Geometry at Smith College.

• 11/1/06 In a recent issue of The Physical Review Letters postdoctoral fellow Dr. Laurent Chevillard and Professor Charles Meneveau describe a new approach to model pressure effects on the dynamics and geometry of turbulent flows.

• 10/1/06 Professor Bill Sharpe installed an optical strain gauge on a high-frequency, high-temperature, fatigue test machine at the University of Michigan. The DARPA sponsored system operates at 20 kilohertz and can measure strains at temperatures as high as 600C.

• 9/1/06: Professor Noah J. Cowan, in collaboration with Professor Greg Hager in the Computer Science Department, received a research award from the National Science Foundation to study "Vision-Based Control of Mechanical Systems via Sampling Kernels".

• 6/6/06 Professor K.T. Ramesh and former graduate student Dexin Jia received the M. Hetenyi Award from the Society of Experimental Mechanics for their work on miniaturization of Kolsky bar systems.

• 4/24/06 Undergraduate student Alican Demir received a Provosts Undergraduate Research award for his work on tactile sensing in Prof. Noah Cowan's LIMBS Laboratory. The project is entitled "A New Approach in Tactile Sensing: Fiber Optic Array Sensor".

• 4/14/06 Graduate student Francesco Soranna, Dr. Yi-Chih Chow, Dr. Oguz Uzol, and Professor Joe Katz has won the Knapp Award from the ASME Fluids Engineering Division, which is given to the authors of the best paper dealing with analytical, numerical and laboratory research.

• 4/14/06 Alumnus Dr. Jun Chen and Professor Katz was also recognized with the Outstanding Paper for 2005 honor for his work in the journal "Measurement Science and Technology."

• 4/14/06 Lester Su received the 2006 William H. Huggins Excellence in Teaching Award, to be presented at this year’s Convocation.

• 4/13/06 Undergraduate student Reuben Brewer has been named one of 15 Hertz Foundation Fellows from across the United States.

• 4/4/06 For their work in the Ready, Set, Design project student coordinators Emily Kumpel, Olivia Mao, Angela Pelletier, Sarah Webster, and Professor Lester Su, have been awarded a 2006 Diversity Recognition Award from the Diversity Leadership Council.

• 4/4/06 Special Research Assistant Jeff Jarosz has been been awarded a 2006 Diversity Recognition Award from the Diversity Leadership Council for his work with groups such as the Whiting School of Engineering Diversity Council and Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers.

• 4/4/06 Graduate Student Steve Martin has been awarded the Link Foundation Fellowship in Ocean Engineering.

• 4/1/06 Of the only several hundred National Science Foundation graduate fellowships awarded annually, FIVE have been awarded to students in this department:  graduate student Eatai Roth, and undergrads Reuben Brewer, Tristan Flanzer, David Helmer, and Emily Kumpel.

• 3/14/06 Undergraduate student Chris Kovalchick was selected to serve as a Young Trustee on the Johns Hopkins University Board of Trustees.  Chris was also recognized recently with an honorable mention on USA Today's 2006 All-USA College Academic Team and an honorable mention in the National Science Foundation graduate fellowship awards.


• 12/19/05 Professor Charles Meneveau has been elected a corresponding foreign member of the Chilean Academy of Sciences.

• 12/7/05 New nanosensor uses quantum dots to detect DNA: Using tiny semiconductor crystals, biological probes and a laser, Professor Jeff Tza-Huei Wang’s group have developed a new method of finding specific sequences of DNA by making them light up beneath a microscope.

• 12/1/05 Professor Shiyi Chen has been named the Alonzo G. Decker Jr. Professor of Science and Engineering.

• 11/17/05 The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics has awarded its best Graduate Paper Award to graduate student Francesco Soranna, for his paper entiled "Particle Image Velocimetry Measurements Within a Two-Stage Axial Turbomachine," co-authored by PostDoc Yi-Chih Chow, Mr. Soranna, Oguz Uzol and Professor Joseph Katz.  In addition, Tristan Flanzer, BS '06 won the best Undergraduate Paper Award at the same conference.

• 10/21/05 Alumnus Lou Sardella (Engr. 1969) and chairman and CEO of Sun Automation, Inc., has endowed a professorship in Mechanical Engineering. Professor Charles Meneveau has been named as the inaugural Louis M. Sardella Professor.

• 10/15/05 New equation helps unravel erratic behavior of turbulence: graduate student Yi Li and Professor Charles Meneveau have uncovered a mathematical shortcut that pinpoints the origins of intermittency in turbulence.

• 9/9/05 This past summer, undergraduate student Peter Lillehoj joined ten other engineering students to design and build an irrigation system for residents in the small town of Zimátlan de Alvarez, Mexico through the Engineers for a Sustainable World program.

• 8/31/05 Professor K. T. Ramesh and Dr. Dexin Jia has been selected to receive the 2006 Hetenyi Award.  This annual award honors the Best Resarch Paper published in the journal "Experimental Mechanics" as judged by the editorial board of that journal.

• 7/14/05 Professor Andrea Prosperetti has received the 2005 Fluids Engineering Award from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). This award is in recognition of Dr. Prosperetti’s “outstanding contributions, over a period of years, to the engineering profession and especially to the field of fluids engineering through research, practice, and teaching.”

• 5/7/05 A team of JHU Mechanical Engineering undergraduates had a successful first-entry in the Society of Automotive Engineers Mini-Baja competition in Rochester, New York, passing the first phase of safety scrutiny, a significant accomplishment for first-entries.

• 4/28/05 Professor Tza-Huei (Jeff) Wang's work on single-molecule detection is highlighted in the Nanozone News in the website for Nature.

• 4/26/05 Professor Allison Okamura has received the 2005 Early Academic Career Award  from the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society. This award recognizes persons within seven years of earning their PhDs who have made an identifiable contributions that have had a major impact on the robotics and/or automation fields.

• 4/25/05 Professor Noah Cowan will be awarded the William H. Huggins Excellence in Teaching Award at this year's Commencement ceremony.

• 4/13/05 The Department of Mechanical Engineering at Johns Hopkins University was ranked the second highest Mechanical Engineering school with less than 20 faculty members in the U.S. News and World Report's "America's Best Graduate Schools" and 15th overall among top Mechanical Engineering schools.

• 4/11/05 Professor Andrea Prosperetti will receive the 2005 Fluids Engineering Award by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers for years of outstanding contributions to the engineering profession, especially to the field of fluids engineering.

• 4/6/05 The Research Channel recently aired a short video presentation on Professor Allison Okamura's ARTBOT competition.

• 3/31/05 Professor Genevieve Comte-Bellot of Ecole Centrale de Lyon, France, former postdoctoral scholar of mechanics at JHU, and now member of the JHU Society of Scholars, has been elected a Foreign Associate of the National Academy of Engineering for her contributions in fluid mechanics and acoustics.

• 3/22/05 The ISI Science Citation Index has recognized the article "Scale Invariance and Turbulence Models for LES" (2000) by Profs. Charles Meneveau and Joe Katz as a "Highly Cited Article", placing it in the top 1% within its field.

• 2/1/05 Professor Charles Meneveau was recipient of UCAR Outstanding Publication award for co-authorship of paper in J. Atmospheric Science.

• 1/21/05 Prof. Noah Cowan's research on cockroach-inspired robots is the subject of a Science magazine article.


• 12/6/04 Prof. Allison Okamura's "Robot Sensors and Actuators" class held an ArtBot show on December 6th; see the following article .

• 11/26/04 Prof. Allison Okamura's research on haptics is the subject of a Wall Street Journal article .

• 9/13/04 Prof. Greg Chirikjian is the new Chair of the department.

• 9/17/04 JHU's Applied Physics Laboratory's Principal Professional Staff Member Jack Roberts is recognized in USA Today for development of advanced body armor technology.

• 7/1/04 Assoc. Prof. Louis Whitcomb was promoted to Full Professor with Tenure.

Prof. Kevin Hemker was named Principal Editor of the journal Scripta Materialia.

• 7/12/04 Prof. Joseph Katz received the 2004 Fluid Engineering Award from the ASME. Prof. Katz is recognized for his contribution to "the development and implementation of innovative quantitative flow visualization techniques, and for the use of these techniques in advancing our understanding of complex phenomena in cavitation inception, turbulent shear flows, turbomachinery flows, and ocean small-scales dynamics."

• Vredenburg Scholarship recipients for summer 2004: Christopher Kovalchick - Hannover, Germany (research at the University of Hannover); Emily Kumpel - Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (research at University of Dar es Salaam); Olivia Mao - Cambridge, England (research at Cavendish Physics Lab); Eiline Yoon - Shanghai, China (internship at Motorola).

• 5/11/04 Prof. Ilene Busch-Vishniac was presented with a 2004 Diversity Recognition Award by President Brody at the 2004 Diversity Recognition Awards Ceremony. The award recognizes her contributions to increase diversity in engineering.

• 5/1/04 ME Senior Goldie Katzoff and first-year graduate student Lawton Verner have won National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowships. Goldie will use her fellowship for graduate study at MIT. Lawton, who also won a National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship, will continue his graduate studies at JHU.


• 11/11/03: Hybrid Underwater Vehicle Project is announced at the American Geophyical Society's Fall Annual Meeting in San Francisco. (See Press Releases by WHOI and JHU.) Associate Professor Louis Whitcomb is co-investigator in a new project to develop a novel underwater robotic vehicle capable of diving to 11,000 meters, twice the depth of any existing U.S. submersible.  The vehicle will employ control systems developed by Whitcomb and his students at the JHU Dynamical Systems and Control Lab.  This project was featured by Scientific American (Dec. 2003) and BBC News

• 9/4/03:  We welcomed new graduate students to the ME Department with a fun Barbecue. Thanks to Mike Bernard for taking all the pictures!

• 9/1/03:  Assistant Professor Allison Okamura has been awarded a Whitaker Foundation Biomedical Engineering Research Grant for the study of haptic feedback in robot-assisted surgical systems. The program assists young faculty in establishing biomedical engineering research careers.

• 8/18/03: Professor Charles Meneveau of Mechanical Engineering has been selected to participate in the National Academy of Engineering's ninth annual Frontiers of Engineering symposium.  The three-day event will bring together the nation's top engineers aged 30 to 45 who are performing leading-edge engineering research and technical work. 

• 8/8/03: Homewood Professor Robert Kraichnan of the Department of Mechanical Engineering wins the 2003 Dirac Medal. Kraichnan's most profound contribution has been his pioneering work on field-theoretic approaches to turbulence and other non-equilibrium systems; one of his profound physical ideas is that of the inverse cascade for two-dimensional turbulence.  

• 7/21/03: Undergraduate students in the Mechanical Engineering senior design course developed a computer-guided pill-dispensing machine that is enabling a quadriplegic to lead a more independent life.

• 7/1/03: Professor Andrew Douglas of Mechanical Engineering has been appointed interim Dean of the Whiting School of Engineering.

• 7/1/03: We congratulate Professor Ilene Busch-Vishniac on her many accomplishments during her five-year term as Dean of the Whiting School of Engineering, and welcome her to the Department of Mechanical Engineering.  She will also assume the presidency of the Acoustical Society of America.

• 7/1/03: Professors Noah Cowan and Sean Sun joined the Mechanical Engineering Department on July 1, 2003. Prof. Cowan's specialty is robotics and Prof. Sun's specialty is theoretical and computational biomechanics.

• 6/1/03:Emily Nalven, a senior undergraduate student in Mechanical Engineering, has been awarded the Vredenburg Scholarship in the amount of $7000 for her study at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in Tsukuba, Japan during the summer of 2003.

• 5/23/03: Mechanical Engineering associate research scientist Mingwei Chen and Professor Kevin Hemker in collaboration with their colleagues in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and Physics and Astronomy, have discovered a "twinning" phenomenon in a nanocrystalline form of aluminum that was plastically deformed during lab experiments.  The finding will help scientists better predict the mechanical behavior and reliability of new types of specially fabricated metals. Their discovery was published in the May 23, 2003 issue of the journal Science.

• 5/22/03: Professor Charles Meneveau received the 2003 Alumni Association Excellence in Teaching Award, presented at the 2003 Commencement Ceremony. He was honored for his teaching skills, approachability and helpfulness in the mathematically demanding field of fluid mechanics.

• 5/6/03: Professor Allison Okamura received the 2003 Johns Hopkins University Diversity Recognition Award for her work to increase the number of women, minorities and people with disabilities in engineering. The award was presented by President Brody at the first campus-wide Diversity Recognition Awards ceremony.

• 5/1/03: Dr. Robert Kraichnan has joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering as Homewood Professor. Kraichnan is a world leading scientist in the field of fluid turbulence and statistical mechanics, and is member of the US National Academy of Sciences.

• 5/1/03: Professor Gregory L. Eyink of the Johns Hopkins Department of Mathematical Sciences has been granted a secondary appointment in Mechanical Engineering.

• 4/14/03: Seven Johns Hopkins undergraduates are participating in a NASA program to perform an experiment of their own design aboard a KC-135 aircraft (sometimes referred to as the "weightless wonder" or "vomit comet") this month. The team, called StillMix, is advised by Mechanical Engineering Professor Cila Herman.

• 4/13/03: Ph.D. student James Kinsey was awarded the "Best Paper by an Author Under 30" at the 2003 IFAC Workshop on Guidance and Control of Underwater Vehicles, held in Newport South Wales. James is advised by Professor Louis Whitcomb. Their new hydrodynamics tank was recently featured in Mechanical Engineering Magazine.

• 4/3/03: Congratulations to JHU Undergraduates Daniell Dokko and Mark O'Leary, who received 2002-2003 Provost's Undergraduate Research Awards. Mechanical Engineering Professor Allison Okamura advised Danny on the project "Haptic Sensors in Robot-Assisted Surgery", and Mechanical Engineering Professor Gregory Chirikjian advised Mark on the project "The Art of Motion."

• 3/20/03: Professor Charles Meneveau was named a Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

• 3/7/03: Professor Kevin Hemker, associate research scientist Mingwei Chen, and James W. McCauley, a senior research scientist at the Army Research Laboratory, have discovered why boron carbide, a lightweight ceramic material sometimes used in protective armor, cannot resist impact from high-energy projectiles. Their discovery was published in March 7, 2003 issue of the journal Science.

2002 and earlier

6/1/02: Mark O'Leary, a senior undergraduate student in Mechanical Engineering, has been awarded the Vredenburg Scholarship in the amount of $7000 for his study at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in Tsukuba, Japan during the summer of 2002.

National Science Foundation (NSF) awards $2.5 million grant to Center for Environmental and Applied Fluid Mechanics, including 3 ME faculty members, to establish a Biocomplexity Research Initiative.