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• 1/29/07 Top Ten: JHU Mechanical Engineering has been ranked #7 in the Academic Analytics Faculty Scholarly Productivity Index of U.S. doctoral programs in Mechanical Engineering.

• 1/28/07 The American Geophysical Union has awarded graduate student Saikiran Rapaka an Outstanding Student Poster Award for his presentation, titled "Critical Times for the Onset of Density-Driven Convection in Anisotropic Porous Media" at the AGU Fall meeting in December 2006.

• 1/2/07 The American Academy of Mechanics has elected Professor Charles Meneveau as Fellow in recognition of outstanding contributions to research and leadership in Mechanics.

• 11/7/06 Professor and Chair Greg Chirikjian was an invited speaker at the 16th Fall Workshop on Computational and Combinatorial Geometry at Smith College.

• 11/1/06 In a recent issue of The Physical Review Letters postdoctoral fellow Dr. Laurent Chevillard and Professor Charles Meneveau describe a new approach to model pressure effects on the dynamics and geometry of turbulent flows.

• 10/1/06 Professor Bill Sharpe installed an optical strain gauge on a high-frequency, high-temperature, fatigue test machine at the University of Michigan. The DARPA sponsored system operates at 20 kilohertz and can measure strains at temperatures as high as 600C.

• 9/1/06: Professor Noah J. Cowan, in collaboration with Professor Greg Hager in the Computer Science Department, received a research award from the National Science Foundation to study "Vision-Based Control of Mechanical Systems via Sampling Kernels".

• 6/6/06 Professor K.T. Ramesh and former graduate student Dexin Jia received the M. Hetenyi Award from the Society of Experimental Mechanics for their work on miniaturization of Kolsky bar systems.

• 4/24/06 Undergraduate student Alican Demir received a Provosts Undergraduate Research award for his work on tactile sensing in Prof. Noah Cowan's LIMBS Laboratory. The project is entitled "A New Approach in Tactile Sensing: Fiber Optic Array Sensor".

• 4/14/06 Graduate student Francesco Soranna, Dr. Yi-Chih Chow, Dr. Oguz Uzol, and Professor Joe Katz has won the Knapp Award from the ASME Fluids Engineering Division, which is given to the authors of the best paper dealing with analytical, numerical and laboratory research.

• 4/14/06 Alumnus Dr. Jun Chen and Professor Katz was also recognized with the Outstanding Paper for 2005 honor for his work in the journal "Measurement Science and Technology."

• 4/14/06 Lester Su received the 2006 William H. Huggins Excellence in Teaching Award, to be presented at this year’s Convocation.

• 4/13/06 Undergraduate student Reuben Brewer has been named one of 15 Hertz Foundation Fellows from across the United States.

• 4/4/06 For their work in the Ready, Set, Design project student coordinators Emily Kumpel, Olivia Mao, Angela Pelletier, Sarah Webster, and Professor Lester Su, have been awarded a 2006 Diversity Recognition Award from the Diversity Leadership Council.

• 4/4/06 Special Research Assistant Jeff Jarosz has been been awarded a 2006 Diversity Recognition Award from the Diversity Leadership Council for his work with groups such as the Whiting School of Engineering Diversity Council and Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers.

• 4/4/06 Graduate Student Steve Martin has been awarded the Link Foundation Fellowship in Ocean Engineering.

• 4/1/06 Of the only several hundred National Science Foundation graduate fellowships awarded annually, FIVE have been awarded to students in this department:  graduate student Eatai Roth, and undergrads Reuben Brewer, Tristan Flanzer, David Helmer, and Emily Kumpel.

• 3/14/06 Undergraduate student Chris Kovalchick was selected to serve as a Young Trustee on the Johns Hopkins University Board of Trustees.  Chris was also recognized recently with an honorable mention on USA Today's 2006 All-USA College Academic Team and an honorable mention in the National Science Foundation graduate fellowship awards.

• 12/19/05 Professor Charles Meneveau has been elected a corresponding foreign member of the Chilean Academy of Sciences.

• 12/7/05 New nanosensor uses quantum dots to detect DNA: Using tiny semiconductor crystals, biological probes and a laser, Professor Jeff Tza-Huei Wang’s group have developed a new method of finding specific sequences of DNA by making them light up beneath a microscope.

• 12/1/05 Professor Shiyi Chen has been named the Alonzo G. Decker Jr. Professor of Science and Engineering.

• 11/17/05 The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics has awarded its best Graduate Paper Award to graduate student Francesco Soranna, for his paper entiled "Particle Image Velocimetry Measurements Within a Two-Stage Axial Turbomachine," co-authored by PostDoc Yi-Chih Chow, Mr. Soranna, Oguz Uzol and Professor Joseph Katz.  In addition, Tristan Flanzer, BS '06 won the best Undergraduate Paper Award at the same conference.

• 10/21/05 Alumnus Lou Sardella (Engr. 1969) and chairman and CEO of Sun Automation, Inc., has endowed a professorship in Mechanical Engineering. Professor Charles Meneveau has been named as the inaugural Louis M. Sardella Professor.

• 10/15/05 New equation helps unravel erratic behavior of turbulence: graduate student Yi Li and Professor Charles Meneveau have uncovered a mathematical shortcut that pinpoints the origins of intermittency in turbulence.

• 9/9/05 This past summer, undergraduate student Peter Lillehoj joined ten other engineering students to design and build an irrigation system for residents in the small town of Zimátlan de Alvarez, Mexico through the Engineers for a Sustainable World program.

• 8/31/05 Professor K. T. Ramesh and Dr. Dexin Jia has been selected to receive the 2006 Hetenyi Award.  This annual award honors the Best Resarch Paper published in the journal "Experimental Mechanics" as judged by the editorial board of that journal.

• 7/14/05 Professor Andrea Prosperetti has received the 2005 Fluids Engineering Award from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). This award is in recognition of Dr. Prosperetti’s “outstanding contributions, over a period of years, to the engineering profession and especially to the field of fluids engineering through research, practice, and teaching.”

• 5/7/05 A team of JHU Mechanical Engineering undergraduates had a successful first-entry in the Society of Automotive Engineers Mini-Baja competition in Rochester, New York, passing the first phase of safety scrutiny, a significant accomplishment for first-entries.

• 4/28/05 Professor Tza-Huei (Jeff) Wang's work on single-molecule detection is highlighted in the Nanozone News in the website for Nature.

• 4/26/05 Professor Allison Okamura has received the 2005 Early Academic Career Award  from the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society. This award recognizes persons within seven years of earning their PhDs who have made an identifiable contributions that have had a major impact on the robotics and/or automation fields.

• 4/25/05 Professor Noah Cowan will be awarded the William H. Huggins Excellence in Teaching Award at this year's Commencement ceremony.

• 4/13/05 The Department of Mechanical Engineering at Johns Hopkins University was ranked the second highest Mechanical Engineering school with less than 20 faculty members in the U.S. News and World Report's "America's Best Graduate Schools" and 15th overall among top Mechanical Engineering schools.

• 4/11/05 Professor Andrea Prosperetti will receive the 2005 Fluids Engineering Award by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers for years of outstanding contributions to the engineering profession, especially to the field of fluids engineering.

• 4/6/05 The Research Channel recently aired a short video presentation on Professor Allison Okamura's ARTBOT competition.

• 3/31/05 Professor Genevieve Comte-Bellot of Ecole Centrale de Lyon, France, former postdoctoral scholar of mechanics at JHU, and now member of the JHU Society of Scholars, has been elected a Foreign Associate of the National Academy of Engineering for her contributions in fluid mechanics and acoustics.

• 3/22/05 The ISI Science Citation Index has recognized the article "Scale Invariance and Turbulence Models for LES" (2000) by Profs. Charles Meneveau and Joe Katz as a "Highly Cited Article", placing it in the top 1% within its field.

• 2/1/05 Professor Charles Meneveau was recipient of UCAR Outstanding Publication award for co-authorship of paper in J. Atmospheric Science.

• 1/21/05 Prof. Noah Cowan's research on cockroach-inspired robots is the subject of a Science magazine article.