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Chair's Welcome

whitcombWelcome to the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Johns Hopkins. Our department offers outstanding graduate and undergraduate programs that prepare students for today's rapidly changing technological environment. Our undergraduates, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows conduct fundamental research at the cutting edge of science and engineering . Our faculty are intellectual leaders in their respective fields of research and our students have opportunities to work one-on-one with these faculty while advancing the frontiers of knowledge.

We believe in the founding vision of Daniel Coit Gilman, the first President of Johns Hopkins, who stated, "The best teachers are usually those that are impassioned by their research, and the best researchers are usually those that are invigorated by the intellectual stimulation provided by their students." The Department emphasizes the development of a close-knit, collegial and stimulating environment for the free development and exchange of ideas, particularly in areas of interdisciplinary research.

Whether you want to learn more about specifc areas of research, members of our faculty, or admission to our undergraduate and graduate programs, we hope you will find the answers you need here. If you need additional information, please contact us at mech_eng@jhu.edu.

Louis Whitcomb
Professor and Chair
Department of Mechanical Engineering